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Where Language and Culture Collide

Join thousands of teachers around the world using The Somos Curriculum to bring stories and culture to their classrooms.

We are the language

“Somos el idioma.”

The Spanish language is inextricably linked to its speakers and their cultures. Using comprehension based methods of language teaching and an orientation toward proficiency, this curriculum from The Comprehensible Classroom teaches language and culture simultaneously, allowing Spanish students the opportunity to develop cultural understanding at a depth rarely achieved in beginning language courses.

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The Somos Curriculum FLEX Materials

All FLEX Lesson plans and materials are provided for THREE synchronized learning strands in order to streamline planning:

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For daily classroom instruction



For instruction that alternates between synchronous classroom or remote instruction and asynchronous virtual assignments



For fully asynchronous instruction

Help your students progress on the path to proficiency.

You can teach culture in the target language. Your students can communicate without memorizing verb charts!


When you learn how to make input comprehensible, no content is off limits. You can teach about anything that gets you and your students excited! You can teach about real things–things that matter to your students and things that matter in our world.

The Somos Curriculum is more than a beautifully designed, compelling, culture-rich curriculum. In addition to The Somos Curriculum, The Comprehensible Classroom provides teaching tips, additional resources, a community of followers to connect with, and fast customer support.

Unleash your potential and become the confident language teacher you always wanted to be!

SOMOS Basics:

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High Frequency

SOMOS equips students from Day 1 with high frequency vocabulary. With a focus on useful vocabulary,  students are able to communicate about a broad range of topics early on.

ACTFL Performance Standards

Standards Based

Meet ACTFL standards for interpretive, interpersonal, presentational, and cultural proficiency! Assessment rubrics are aligned with ACTFL Performance Descriptors, based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

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Input and output

Input Matters

Language is not built up from practice, but from consistent and constant exposure to input. Input is indispensable to language acquisition. An input-rich class is an equitable class, where ALL students can succeed.

Introduce The Somos Curriculum to your classroom today.

The SOMOS Curriculum is a one-time purchase. Once purchased, teachers have access to all additions and updates to the curriculum at no additional cost - ever! The core units will fill three years of language class. All student materials are reproducible. Additional teacher licenses are available at a reduced cost.

Learn more about purchasing additional licenses for your department!

Sign up for a TpT For Schools account to get all of your teachers on board with The Somos Curriculum quickly and cost effectively.

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Señorita Abel

"So cool to watch my students get excited about how much they can understand and do with the language so early in the year. I love that Martina's resources are simultaneously linguistically and culturally rich; it really makes me feel that my students are gaining as much as they can from my class."

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Gail M.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this curriculum. This is my first time teaching using comprehensible input, storytelling and TPR. This curriculum is so easy to use. It is very comprehensive. The lesson plans are excellent. The sideshows, songs, video clips, games and stories are engaging and students love them."

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Jody Stokdyk

"I love that it gives students small new chunks of language at a time. I love that they learn it through stories and songs and jokes that make it so memorable! I love that the language it uses is really common and high-frequency. You could use just SOMOS 100% and there is PLENTY for you, but it is also really flexible [...]. Plus, unlike when I was using the textbook, the lessons and slideshows and things are all pre-made for you (and editable, so you can tweak it as your heart desires) which gives even more flexibility."

Infuse culture and stories into your lessons using comprehension-based strategies that encourage natural output and help your students to progress on the Path to Proficiency.


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