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“I love that it gives students small new chunks of language at a time. I love that they learn it through stories and songs and jokes that make it so memorable! I love that the language it uses is really common and high-frequency. You could use just SOMOS 100% and there is PLENTY for you, but it is also really flexible, so I use Martina's news summaries "El Mundo En Tus Manos," Sr. Wooly, and reading class novels (which I thought would be torture but has been AMAAAAZING). Plus, unlike when I was using the textbook, the lessons and slideshows and things are all pre-made for you (and editable, so you can tweak it as your heart desires) which gives even more flexibility."


“You changed the way that I teach and I am so much happy and so are (most) of my students. Plus they are enjoying the culture and speaking the language more than they ever did before."


"I was almost ready to give up teaching before I found SOMOS. It was definitely a life changer for me! Before SOMOS I felt like I was just trying to force feed my students information for a quiz or test. They hated it, and I was constantly banging my head up against a wall (figuratively) trying to make them have the same love for Spanish that I do. And none of them could ever really hold unmemorized conversations in Spanish, regardless of level. I never saw any real progress. It frustrated me enough to want to quit, then I found Martina’s blog and started reading more about CI and TPRS and it just clicked, for me and my students. Having a CI friendly school is always a bonus, but both schools I’ve used SOMOS at didn’t even know what CI was until I taught using it there. Now they are believers of it too!"


“So cool to watch my students get excited about how much they can understand and do with the language so early in the year. I love that Martina's resources are simultaneously linguistically and culturally rich; it really makes me feel that my students are gaining as much as they can from my class."


"Excellent resource. I made a mass purchase of SEVERAL Martina Bex lessons for Span 1 & 2 so you will probably see this review multiple times. I have started working through all of my Comprehensible Classroom purchases in prep for my new position next fall as K-12 Span teacher at a small school. Her lessons are clear, organized, concise, varied, and VERY well coached for someone like me who is getting back to teaching after a super long hiatus. I LOVE not only the volume of her materials, but all the links to authres, AND all the links to her "how to" blog posts. I am SO excited to use these materials and am a member of the SOMOS FB group so that I can also learn from experienced teachers how they implement these lessons. Martina is VERY accessible and quickly replies to any questions I have had. As I'm reading through these lessons, they have gotten me even MORE excited about teaching next year. I didn't even think that was possible!! THANK YOU!"


"I'm just getting into CI/TPRS methods. The units are great and the instructions are really helpful to implement each activity. It has really fun stories and the activities were engaging for my students."


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this curriculum. This is my first time teaching using comprehensible input, storytelling and TPR. This curriculum is so easy to use. It is very comprehensive. The lesson plans are excellent. The sideshows, songs, video clips, games and stories are engaging and students love them. I have not gotten out last year's text books at all. This comes with everything and more that is needed! My students want to know why everything I use has Martina Bex on it ........They can actually read, COMPREHEND, write and speak in Spanish. I hear them speaking to each other in the hallways in Spanish and humming some of our Spanish songs ........ It is worth every penny and so much more. Martina also provides additional links and resources and further explains material on her website. I only have students 3 times a week but for 75 minute blocks and have been able to adjust the plans to work. Forever indebted to you Martina. I have been searching for resources like this for years."


"Best. Resources. Ever.

The resources available through The Comprehensible Classroom are the most engaging lessons I’ve ever come across. Students are excited to come to class and evaluations are high because students are all on task and engaged!!

My students are more proficient and know more about the culture of the Spanish speaking world than they ever have!!

The best part is that ALL of the planning and preparation is done!

These materials are great for all levels!

Martina is a genius when it comes to creating Comprehensible and engaging resources!!"


"Excellent in every way. The care and creativity that has gone into these lessons is unparalleled on the Spanish curriculum market. You will not be disappointed."


"Lesson planning is done! This curriculum has plans that are step by step and give so many fun and easy ways to help your students AQUIRE a second language! My students love it!"


I'm only on unit 3 and I can already tell that this curriculum was worth every penny. So much care and thought has gone into the development of this material. The resources provided are top quality and the plans themselves are very well thought out and developed. My students love the movie talks, all the musical activities, and even the notes and daily warm ups are entertaining. If you're on the fence about getting this, do it! It's worth every penny and is much better quality and much more comprehensive than most of the other Spanish curriculums I've looked at. I highly recommend Señora Bex's materials to everyone!


I have taught foreign languages for 16 years, and this is, by far, the best curriculum I have ever worked with. Whether you are new to teaching, or need a few extra tricks, this curriculum is FANTASTIC. My students love it, and I love how detailed and meticulously planned it is. I no longer have to stress about spending hours creating lesson plans and/or activities. This is money well spent!


Worth every single penny and then some!!! I am a first year High School Spanish teacher and knew I DID NOT want to teach from a textbook! I thought it was so ineffective. This curriculum will have your students reading paragraphs in Spanish with several days of instruction. It has slides and daily lessons plans that are easy to read and carry out. Her website has full instructions on how to teach. There is also a very helpful facebook group for collaboration. Don't hesitate! Purchase!!


This curriculum is absolutely worth the purchase! The materials are visually appealing to both the teacher and student alike. The plans are easy to follow and are explained thoroughly. These have made me a much happier teacher and my students are learning so much!


This curriculum is showstopping. I cried when I got it approved by my school. I am so excited to use it next year. Martina has done all of the things that teachers don't love doing: making the activities and slideshows, etc. so that teachers who use SOMOS get to dedicate themselves to doing what is truly JOYFUL: teaching Spanish with comprehensible input.


"I must tell you using SOMOS this year changed my teaching career for the better. I have been the most happiest and really have no interest in doing anything else. I wanted to thank you SO much for always helping me and inspiring me. You have been such a wonderful support for me and I would love to repay you for it."


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